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Cat started pole dancing in 2006 and comes from a background in gymnastics. Since her first lesson she has been addicted to all things pole, she loves anything with a split (she's crazy about those straight lines and pointed toes!) and also loves Shouldermounts. She is a driving instructor and has a BSc in Photography.

Competitions: Midlands Pole Championships (2013, 2014 Professional Finalist), Lincolnshire Pole (2014 Doubles and Overall Comp Winner), EPDC (2012 Doubles Winner).

Workshops: Karol Helms, Lauren Red, Bendy Kate, Sarah Scott, Justine McLucas, Zoraya Judd, Alex Schukin, Pantera, Lisette Krol, Kristina Nekyia, Sam King, Yvonne Smink, Rebecca Butcher, Natasha Wang, Marlo Fisken, Anastasia Skukhtorova, Oona Kivelä, Hannah Finn, Miss Filly, Sarah Blackmilk, AnDre Le, Magnus Labbe, Peach Lee Ray, Kitty Velour, Jalana, Heidi Hildersley-Lyle, Gabby Parker, Jordan Kensley, Doris Arnold, Bethany Finlay, Kira Noire, Evgeny Greshilov, Heidi Coker, Anna-Maya Njman

Key Facts:

Number of yrs poling - 13

Number of yrs teaching - 9

Number of times she says "Point your toes!" a day -??

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  • Cat Sambell

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